Pure News Summer 2014

Pure News, Summer 2014

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01 The Show Me State
02 Spotlight on Urban Chestnut
03 Spring and Summer Travel
04 Pure Power Perk
05 Energy Seminar
06 Perks Expiring!


Showing-off the Show Me State

Missouri communities receive national recognition

We all know there is no place like Missouri. Our unique communities are one of the factors that go into making this a great place to live and work. But did you know that participating in Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power is a way to gain national recognition for what makes us special? Through the EPA Green Power Community (GPC) program we can shine in the national spotlight while getting recognition for Missourians’ forward-thinking on the environment and economy.

A GPC is a community that has come together to show support of our renewable energy industry by making a greater voluntary commitment to renewables like wind and solar. To date there have been two GPCs in Ameren Missouri’s service area but Pure Power wants to grow that number. Right now, we are working with Webster Groves to become a GPC and they are almost there! Will your community be next?

Later this summer we will set our sights on our next community. We have no doubt that like Webster Groves and Creve Coeur, our next Challenge will be a huge success. Stay in touch with us on Facebook to keep informed as we help Missouri get even greener – and gain the national spotlight.


Business Spotlight: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Cheers to Urban Chestnut Brewing!

St. Louis’ own Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is the newest business to earn Pure Power Platinum Leader status. Between solar panels installed on their facility and participation in Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power program, Urban Chestnut is now supporting 100 percent renewable energy. Like many businesses in Pure Power, Urban Chestnut believes it is their responsibility “to reduce their impact on the environment during every step of operations.”

Urban Chestnut is a true leader and an environmental steward in our community. From energy and water consumption to waste management, they have implemented several tactics to ensure they are an environmentally sustainable and responsible organization. In their quest to become a zero-waste brewery, they diverted over 27 tons of waste from landfills in 2012 just through their recycling efforts alone. In addition to composting, the brewery diverts spent grain – still rich in nutritional value – to local small farms to be fed to livestock. Sounds like a win-win solution! To learn more about Urban Chestnut’s sustainability efforts visit their website or, better yet, one of their two pubs in St. Louis!


Spring and Summer Travel

Tips you can use to reduce your impact

Spring has sprung – making it easier for Missourians to embrace the great outdoors. Here are some tips for you as you make your plans and there are even more on our website.

Car Travel

  • Use or remove roof racks. Roof racks are a great way to transport camping and recreation equipment, but they also mean using extra fuel. Either use it on your road trip or leave it behind.
  • Get a tune-up. This one seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how few of us keep our cars in proper working order. A poorly tuned car uses more gas.
  • Stay close. Choose close-to-home car or train trips over air travel. They are more efficient.

Air Travel

  • Fly direct. Most fuel is burned during the take-off and landing phases of air travel. The fewer the legs on your flight, the less fuel, and emissions.
  • Choose economy. Sure, no one likes to be crammed into an air plane seat, but the more people traveling per flight reduces the per person emissions of each trip.

Finally, be curious. Ask travel agents, airliners, car manufactures, and rental companies questions about environmental practices and let them know that smart use of resources is important to you. Inquiries like these will be something for them to consider when making business practice decisions. You can also ask if the company provides an option to help you offset the carbon emissions for your travel. For a few extra dollars you can breathe easy knowing you decreased your environmental impact.


Coming Soon: Energy Seminar in Creve Coeur

Watch for information on our upcoming energy seminar. We will discuss ways homes and businesses can use energy more efficiently as well as how to integrate clean, green options, like installing solar and buying renewable energy certificates (RECs) with Pure Power.

The event is hosted by Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power and ActOnEnergy programs along with the City of Creve Coeur and Microgrid Solar. Follow us on Facebook for calendar details – it is sure to be full of useful information!

Use your Perks!

Using Pure Power Perks are a great way to support and discover like-minded local businesses. But, like fossil fuels, they don’t last forever. The coupons are available for download on the website – get them before they expire!


About Pure Power

Ameren Missouri Pure Power is an easy, affordable way to have a positive impact on the environment today—and every day. Pure Power allows Ameren Missouri customers to choose to support local renewable energy, like wind power, by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).


Build on your commitment to sustainability

Pure Power isn’t the only program Ameren Missouri offers to help you sustain a greener lifestyle. The energy efficiency program, ActOnEnergy.com, helps empower customers through programs, rebates, tools, and resources so you can better manage your energy usage and utility bills. Act On Energy is the largest portfolio of residential and business energy efficiency programs in Missouri’s history. From instant rebates on CFLs, to FREE refrigerator/freezer recycling, to rebates on energy efficient air conditioners, ActOnEnergy.com helps you save – without sacrificing comfort!


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