Pure News Summer 2012

Pure News, Summer 2012

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01 Creve Coeur Challenge Kick-Off
02 Business Partner Spotlight—Mercy Hospital
03 Green Tip


Creve Coeur Challenge Kick-Off

On April 25th, the City of Creve Coeur kicked off its EPA Green Power Community Challenge, setting its sights on becoming one of only two cities in Missouri to achieve EPA Green Power Community status! Partnering with Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power program and solar provider Microgrid Solar, the city is reaching out to residences and businesses with the goal of offsetting 3% of the community’s electricity use with renewable energy certificates and solar installations. Thanks to the commitments of businesses, community members, and the city itself, Creve Coeur had already reached half its goal towards becoming an EPA Green Power Community! For more information on the Creve Coeur Green Power Community Challenge, please visit mogpc.com/creve-coeur.


Business Partner Spotlight—Mercy Hospital

Three cheers are due to Mercy Hospital St. Louis for its recent commitment to become a Pure Power Gold Level Business Customer. At this level, Mercy is offsetting their electricity use by 5,964,000 kWh of electricity each year, which has the annual environmental benefit of preventing CO2 emissions equal to 806 cars!

Mercy Hospital’s renewable energy support is one part of a comprehensive commitment to environmental stewardship. Mercy’s other initiatives include an extensive recycling program that resulted in 341 tons of waste being diverted from landfills in 2010, an employee clothing program where employees donate gently used items that are donated to patients and employees in need, and a lights out campaign called “Better Off” with the goal of reducing electricity use by 10% through simple efforts like turning the lights off when leaving a room.


Green Tip

Get Unplugged! Save $$$$ and the Environment! The “greenest” electricity you will ever use is the electricity that you don’t use at all. Your computers, peripherals, and home electronics can eat up energy even when you think they’re off.

Electronics that require standby power even when off (often called “vampires”) account for an estimated 5 to 10 percent of an average home’s annual power usage. Unplug or turn off your electronics at the power strip to minimize the amount of energy your home uses!


Remember your Pure Power Perks! Participating business customers have several rewards available online at mypurepower.com/links/why-offset/perks/

About Pure Power

Ameren Missouri Pure Power is an easy, affordable way to have a positive impact on the environment today—and every day. Pure Power allows Ameren Missouri customers to choose to support local renewable energy, like wind power, by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).


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