Pure Power Tip Sheet

Making the Most of Your Commitment
Now that you have made a commitment to renewable energy through Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power program, you can communicate this leadership to all of your stakeholders – from customers and employees to your investors and constituents.  We are always available to review your work to ensure its accuracy, and we can provide some of the materials you will need to gain exposure. Read below for options and communication opportunities that are afforded by your commitment to clean energy.

  • Post participation information on your Web page.  Contact the Pure Power support team for Web-ready images of renewable facilities and for assistance with publication.
  • Add a line to employee e-mail signatures that touts your participation.
  • Write a press release to announce your participation or issue a special Earth Day announcement.
  • Apply to use the Green-e® logo on packaging advertising and in-store displays. (Green-e® may charge an additional fee for logo usage)
  • Distribute  Pure Power facility profiles of the projects your purchase supports.
  • Apply for EPA Green Power Partnership membership.
  • Frame the certificate you receive for your participation in your lobby or other high traffic areas.
  • Create an insert page on renewable energy to include in information packets you send to prospective clients.
  • Organize an employee field trip to visit a renewable energy facility you are supporting.
  • Describe your commitment on the bottom of sales receipts
  • Write an article for your newsletter or e-newsletter
  • Large banners can help communicate your renewable energy commitment to employees and visitors, and they can reinforce the message at a press event. Contact us for information about environmentally-friendly alternatives to vinyl.
  • Provide your Pure Power support team with coupons or samples of your products. Consumers who have taken the initiative to purchase renewable energy often want to support other businesses and organizations that are doing the same thing.
  • Add a description to your company’s annual reports and sustainability plan.  Include information about your participation and the environmental benefits on your company phone “on hold” recording.
  • Display decals on windows and glass doors, especially at entrances of retail buildings.
  • Print buttons for your employees to wear.
  • Contact us about developing banners, posters, POS stickers for display on your premises.
  • Contact us about designing and printing T-shirts or polo shirts for employees.
  • Develop a video about renewable energy

Need more ideas? Have a better one? Let us know by sending us an email