Approved Print/Web Copy

Ameren Missouri Pure Power approved content for corporate customer websites and publications:
Please feel free to cut and paste these options. Contact Pure Power for additional help with personalized copy – or call 314-391-2390.

Renewable Energy Certificates equal to 100% of the electricity used at this event were provided by the Ameren Missouri Pure Power program.
As an Ameren Missouri Pure Power Supporter, “Business name” supports the generation of clean, renewable energy in Missouri.
PurePower-AmerenMO_logo_cmyk2-300x175 RECs equal to 100% of the electricity used to print this “blank” were purchased through Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power Program
  • Supporting renewable energy – like Midwest-based wind power – helps our environment, strengthens the local economy, and protects natural resources for future generations.
  • “Business name’s” support of clean energy will reduce the businesses annual carbon footprint from electricity use by XX,XXX pounds of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas.
  • XX% of “Business name’s” total fossil fuel based energy usage is matched with renewable energy certificates supporting Midwest-based renewable energy through Ameren Missouri Pure Power.
  • 100% of Ameren Missouri Pure Power renewable energy certificates come from Midwest Wind Farms.
  • With this commitment to renewable energy, “Business Name” is proudly sharing a message with our employees, our customers, and the community at large that we support the development of clean, renewable energy resources and value a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.