Green-E® Energy Certification – A Consumer’s Best Friend

What is Green-e Energy?
For over a decade, Green-e Energy has been certifying renewable energy options to ensure that customers can easily identify high quality renewable products. Green-e Energy was established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions to provide information and an objective standard for consumers that is developed in conjunction with leading environmental, energy and policy organizations.

Does my Ameren Missouri Pure Power participation really make a difference?
Green-e Energy Certification helps customers identify environmentally superior renewable energy options. Green-e Energy ensures that:

  1. You are supporting new renewable sources.
  2. There has been no double selling: You are the only one that can claim the environmental benefits of the renewable energy you support.
  3. Your purchase goes beyond business as usual: Renewable facilities that were built as the result of a law or state mandate cannot sell Green-e Energy certified renewable energy. Ameren Missouri Pure Power supports additional sources of renewable energy that are added to the local power grid – helping to expand renewable energy production in the Midwest.

Where is my Pure Power premium going?
Ameren Missouri monitors your electrical usage and uses your Pure Power premium to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in Missouri. Green-e Energy verifies that customers get what they pay for by requiring Pure Power to undergo an annual verification process audit.  This ensures that Ameren Missouri is buying enough of the right types of renewable energy to match their sales to customers.

Honest marketing and education.
Green-e Energy also requires Ameren Missouri to disclose clear and useful information to potential customers, allowing consumers to make informed choices. Green-e Energy completes a twice-annual review of Ameren Missouir’s Pure Power marketing materials to ensure that we are not making false or misleading statements about our renewable energy option and is following the Green-e Energy Customer Disclosure Requirements.

  • The Green-e Energy logo shown here can only be used with renewable energy options like this one that promise to meet Green-e Energy’s high standards of environmental and marketing integrity. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements log on to


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