Ameren Missouri Green Power Districts


Green Power Districts are an Ameren Missouri Pure Power initiative designed to recognize and celebrate neighborhoods that are going above and beyond in supporting renewable energy by participating in the Pure Power program. When businesses and residents within a given ZIP code or neighborhood participate in the Pure Power program at a specified level, we designate them as an official Green Power District!

Becoming a Green Power District not only helps distinguish your neighborhood as a center of environmental support, but it bolsters community pride through a positive, shared sustainability initiative. In fact, the average Pure Power participant enrolled in the program for a year supports renewable energy at a level equivalent to reducing his/her carbon footprint from electricity use by 21,874 pounds of carbon dioxide — imagine the impact your entire neighborhood could have!*

Join the movement and help your neighborhood earn the Green Power District title. The Ameren Missouri Pure Power Team will work with local businesses, organizations and neighborhood associations to help you achieve this environmental distinction. Email for more information.

Interested in joining the Pure Power program? Call 800-552-7583 or sign up online.